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Mogao caves Travel in Gansu –Dunhuang frescoes appreciation

The famous Dunhuang frescoes lies in Dunhung cave , Dunhuang town, Gansu province in China. If you travel in China, you can not go back without have a sight in Dunhuang cave .

Dunhuang murals include dunhuang mogao grottoes, west thousand Buddha cave and anxi yulin grottoes. There are 552 grottoes in total. There are more than 50,000 square meters of murals in all dynasties.It’s China’s and even the world’s biggest grottoes group.

Dunhuang fresco is the main component of dunhuang art, which is of great scale and exquisite technique. Dunhuang fresco is rich in content. Like other religious art, it describes the image of god, the activities of god, the relationship between gods, and the relationship between god and man to express people’s good wishes and appease people’s hearts. Therefore, the style of mural painting is different from the secular painting. However, any art originates from real life, and any art has its national tradition. Therefore, their forms are mostly from the common artistic language and expression skills, with a common national style. Also known as the thousand Buddha cave. It is also one of the four ancient grottoes in China, listed as the world intangible cultural heritage.

Here are some Dunhuang frescoes to appreciate:

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