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Fascinating Oriental charm–The cheongsam(Qi pao) in old Shanghai

If you wanna get more about Shanghai, you can not jump over the cheongsan (Qipao : 旗袍) of old Shanghai.

The cheongsam in old Shanghai is a typical representative of modern Chinese women’s fashion. With its flowing melody and rich poetic feeling, it shows the elegance, gentleness, softness and implicitness of modern Chinese women. I have to say that qipao wears the beauty of Oriental women!

The cheongsam reflects the Oriental woman reflects incisively and vividly, with a unique taste, mysterious veil, melancholy temperament… She shows a kind of melancholy of the city, a kind of melancholy under the pressure of life, a kind of hesitation in finding happiness. Subtle tonal below, hiding the glamour with infinite woman.

When it comes to qipao, people are reminded of the dim yellow alleys in Shanghai. The swinging figure of a woman’s back, accompanied by the “dada dada” sound of high heels, is getting further and further away…..

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