• Nails

    32 Best Halloween Short Nail Designs – Spider Web Nails

    This spider web nails look might take some practice. You might want to pin this one to show your nail stylist if you don’t think you can pull it off. The spider web effect is done with a black base and sparkly silver polish. To complete the spooky scene paint a creepy spider on at least one of your fingers to give everyone a real fright!

  • Nails

    30 Best Matte Short Nails For Natural Short Manicure Nails This Fall

    Most matte nails are easy to polish, you don’t have to be an artist or do complex designs to make beautiful nail art. With these simple geometric patterns you can’t go wrong, they don’t ever go out of style and they can almost suit any occasion. Check out some of our favorite looks for matte nail art that we are sure you will love!

  • Hairstyle

    27 Fantastic Halloween Hair Color & Hairstyle Ideas To Complete Your Halloween Costume

    Even the most die-hard Halloween fans can be excused for opting for wash-out hair color over permanent dyes to complete their looks — the holiday only lasts one day, after all. Instead of troubling yourself with messy, stain-happy tints this season, opt instead for a temporary hair color, and pack on the pigment confidently, knowing the real you is just a shampoo or two away.

  • Fashion

    56 Gorgeous Natural Nude Makeup Looks Ideas Everyday

    The natural nude makeup is rocking the world of glamour currently. If you want a look that not too cakey, too bright or too dark, natural makeup is the one for you. But finding the right makeup to wear when you’re going for a natural look can be more complex than you think. And we all know, that looking natural does indeed require SOME makeup application – and some skill, too. The key is wear colors close to your natural skin tone, and ones that just enhance and perfect for your skin.

  • Tattoo

    88 Alluring Sexy Tattoo Designs & Tattoo Placement Ideas For Waman

    The point of a tattoo isn't always to flaunt it. In fact, the more discreet, the sexier, because it's like having your own little secret. We've found fierce ink inspiration for women ahead that can be easily coverd up or shown off when desired. It all just depends on how much you're willing to expose. Check out these super sexy tattoo designs

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    45 Aesthetic Stiletto Nails For Fall Acrylic Long Nails Design

    Stiletto nails make people feel fierce and independent, and a little lazy and charming. Many fashionable women like this nail. However, it seems that this sharp nail is not suitable for everyday life. But modern nail technology is developing rapidly, there are many ways to strengthen your long nails, so don’t worry too much, this nail can complete daily life.

  • Fashion

    50 Creepy Creative Couple Halloween Costumes Ideas

    Halloween is around the corner, I’m so excited. I feel like it’s never too late for choosing out your Halloween costume,espeasically your deasrest couple Halloween costumes. Halloween is one such festival which has quickly become the favorite of everyone. The fun and excitement of fitting yourself into homemade costume are so great. From the hilarious moments to the anxious ones. It’s all part of the same fun and excitement that makes our Halloween evening a special one.

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    53 Perfect Natural Short Almond Nails Design For Fall Nails

    Meet almond shaped nails! This nail shape is named ‘almond’ because it resembles the shape of an actual almond – a delicious nut that has a brown color. The almond shape is considered to be among sturdier nail shapes because its tip is not too pointy. And this shape is usually done on longer nails, thus creating the real canvas for various nail art.