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Appreciate the vivid terracotta figures in China Tang Dynasty

When you are planning to travel in any place, do not forget to miss the local meseum to have a full vision for its colorful Cutaural and natural landscapes.

Terra-cotta figures are ancient statues used for burial in ancient China, mainly made of clay, ceramics or wood into human sculptures. During the spring and autumn period, terracotta figures were used to replace human burial. During the warring states period, the wind of martyrdom of terracotta warriors flourished, and the tang dynasty reached its peak, then declined and gradually disappeared.

The large number of terracotta figures in tang dynasty was inseparable from the cultural exchanges among China and foreign countries at that time. All kinds of exotic features, clothes and images were absorbed by tang people, which became fashion and the subject matter of terracotta figures. The prosperity of the custom of burial finally made the terracotta figures prosperous.

Now, Let’s stepped to the appreciation the vivid terracotta figures in China Tang Dynasty.

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