88 Alluring Sexy Tattoo Designs & Tattoo Placement Ideas For Waman

The point of a tattoo isn’t always to flaunt it. In fact, the more discreet, the sexier, because it’s like having your own little secret. We’ve found fierce ink inspiration for women ahead that can be easily coverd up or shown off when desired. It all just depends on how much you’re willing to expose. Check out these super sexy tattoo designs

No matter the tattoo size, shape, or color, the ink tattoo comes across so beautifully on such a delicate area. A lady’s collarbones are graceful yet strong, the perfect place for a sexy tattoo. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own ink in this spot, we’ve got more than 88 beautiful options ahead, ranging from text to flowers and even a space-inspired tattoo. Keep reading to see them all.