74 Tiny Unique Foot Tattoo Art Design For Woman To Try Your First Tattoo

If you’re after a super cute tattoo but aren’t entirely sure where to get it, look no further than your feet – the perfect place for a small, delicate design or a full on inking to show off in your sandals.

Foot tattoo is the best tattoo placement for your first tattoo . Unsurprisingly, smaller tattoos are far more popular than larger tattoos for obvious reasons. They’re more affordable, less time consuming initially, and most people feel they’re not as big of a commitment, which is true for the most part. After all, it is easier to remove a tattoo the size of a peanut versus something covering the entirety of your upper back.

From small one word tattoos, to tiny flowers and everyday objects, small foot tattoos are a beautiful choice for anyone looking for their first tattoo. Let’s take a look at a few delightful examples of some of the best small tattoos that prove that bigger ink isn’t always better.