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70+ classical Cantonese Cuisine —- One of the 8 traditional Chinese cuisine

Cantonese cuisine(Guangdong cuisine), or Guangdong cuisine, is one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines and eight traditional Chinese cuisines. Cantonese cuisine is as famous as the French cuisine all over the world. As the number of overseas Chinese in guangdong accounts for 60% of the country’s total, most Chinese restaurants around the world focus on cantonese cuisine.

Guangdong cuisine pays attention to quality and taste, taste is relatively light, and strives to the fresh. And change as the change of season, summer & autumn slants delicate, winter & spring slants full-bodied, pursuit color, sweet, flavour, model.

Cantonese cuisine uses a wide range of ingredients, not only the main ingredients are rich, but also ingredients and spices are very varied. In order to show the flavor of the main ingredients, cantonese food is very particular about the choice of ingredients and spices, ingredients will not be mixed, seasoning is to bring out the original flavor of the main ingredients, both are based on freshness.

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