60 Lovely Short Acrylic Square Nails Design Ideas Spring & Summer

Square nails is stylish in any occasion at any time. When making nails, most girls will have a hard time choosing which shape of nails to make from square, oval, almond nails… Choose the shape that suits your style. 

Square nails are very popular and are known as glamorous nail shapes. This form of nails is sure to attract attention and is suitable for women who wear medium-length nails. Square nail is the basic shape of a classic French manicure. This shape of the nail is straight on both sides.

Square nails are popular for many girls out there. I always had square nails because it’s easier to maintain and design. Square nail is also common to see in our office or daily life . You can do anything with this shape, whether you have long or short nails.  Come to makup your nails!