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52 Healthy Smoothies Ideas For Weight Loss This Summer

From simple to sophisticated, there’s no denying the power of the smoothie. Serving as an easy and fun delivery vehicle for greens, veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, protein powder and just about everything else—let’s face it, smoothies are here to stay.

Whether you take the time to present your creations in a bowl with photo-worthy finishing touches or pour them directly into a to-go cup for the drive to work, we can all agree that there exist smoothie creations deserving of a moment or two of admiration for the time that has gone into these edible works of art.

The secret to getting fruit to stick to the insides of the glass is to pick a sticky fruit, thinly slice it, add those first, then add your other smoothie ingredients. Plus, when you’re done with the liquid, you’ll have an extra little snack left in your glass.  Just One cup every day to loss weight in a healthy way.

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