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4 steps to make the Rice-cake noodles with cheese

As long as four steps you can do a good job of zero failure cheese rice cake ramen, super strong cheese flavor, super delicious.

It is really super simple and delicious, Only you have a pot in your kitchen. Put things into the boiling on the line! There is no possibility of failure!! The secret to good taste is to spread a piece of cheese in front of the pot and stir it up! In fact, I sometimes spread two! And ramen spicy taste combined together will not be greasy! Each mouthful tastes like rich cheese!!


1 pck shin ramen
1 or 2 pieces of cheese
rice cake
Sauce: 1 TSP Korean chili sauce +1 TSP light soy sauce + 1/2 TSP sugar +1 TSP water


1.take out the mixing bag from the ramen bag and add 1 little Korean chili sauce +1 tablespoon light soy sauce + 1/2 teaspoon sugar +1 tablespoon water


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