31 Perfect Purple Hair Color & Hairstyle Design Ideas

Purple hair is for women who are not afraid to express themselves. It often happens that a woman wakes up and decides to change at least something in her appearance. Interestingly, it is a kind of a rule for a woman: if something negative occurs in life, change your hairstyle, and you will feel better. So, if you are stressed or depressed, why not dye your hair purple? However, not all of us that brave to do all-over dye. It is possible to do it step by step, starting with dying streaks.

Even today, when a lady in purple walks into a room, she grabs everybody’s attention, perhaps because what she’s wearing is an intriguing amalgam of cool blue and hot red. It’s not the clothes alone that demand attention but purple colored jewellery also and nowadays, highlights of purple running through your hair.

There’s no denying that there’s something distinctive about the color purple. Through the ages, this mysterious color has been associated with nobility as well as with spirituality and the kings of Europe, in the medieval ages, only dressed in purple.

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