31 Delicate Tiny Ear Tattoos For Woman That Make You Unique

We understand it that deciding on a tattoo isn’t exactly easy, but choosing a design to place on a canvas that’s really small with a bunch of odd angles? Borderline impossible. Plus, there’s the fact that it’s an obviously visible place, so finding a design you’ll love for life can be a serious challenge.

Of course, there are tiny tat suggestions for fingers and wrists. But when it comes to ears, they’re a little harder to find. The good news is, ear tats are on the rise. They can be a great alternative to a new piercing — or better yet, a subtle way to highlight piercings that you already have. 

We can see the allure of getting an ear tattoo. They are easy to conceal but still powerful enough to make a statement about your personality. After all, an ear tattoo is the best and most permanent permanent accessory. Whether you’re deciding on your first tattoo or third, once you see the dainty designs ahead, you’ll find yourself running to the nearest tattoo parlor.

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