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30 Awesome Christmas Tree Décor Ideas For Home That You Can Take Inspiration From

Each year most of us put up a Festive tree in our houses for the Christmas holidays. The concept of putting up these trees stems from 16C Germany and has been been made fashionable by Christian homes globally as a typical Christmas practice recently.

The two most traditional styles of christmas tree décor are Country and Victorian. The Victorian style of christmas tree décor is definitely more expensive than the Country style, which can be created from cheaper decorations, fabrics and materials. On the other hand the Victorian style is older and is very well suited to the corner christmas tree or the tall slim artificial christmas tree.

The country style of christmas tree décor is definitively American and actually didn’t come into style until the 19th century. The look of this tree is rounder and fuller than the Victorian style. It incorporates the chubbier look of a natural pine. However any kind of fir tree is used as a Christmas tree in the United States.