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10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas for A Better Wedding!

In front of numerous flowers, you have no idea which one should choose for your wedding flower? Don’t worry, I will introduce 10 kinds of common popular flowers in the wedding, and you can choose the flowers that suits your wedding style according to your own preferences.

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Peony symbolizes happiness and wealth, full of soft, fluffy petals, peony has become the new wedding flowers protagonist. For a light-colored wedding, peonies are a perfect choice because all their textures and colors are light. To those who love the smell of flowers, peony smells delicious. However, if you are sensitive to fragrance, you may have to look for other species.

2. Rose

Roses are a romantic theme and undoubtly a very popular wedding flower. The rose is a symbol of love, good meaning but also with a charming aroma, whether it is a luxury hotel wedding, or rural scenery, with elegant. It can be used in every corner of the wedding, the groom corsage, cake decoration flowers, table decoration flowers and so on.

3. The sea anemone

When it comes to modern weddings, perhaps no flower is more appropriate than a sea anemone. The flowers have a black core and soft petals. The most popular ones at weddings are white and pink sea anemones, which are unique in shape and simple in style.

4. Jasmine

Jasmine flower in love on behalf of pure and sincere love, there is no false component, the expression of loyalty to love. Many countries regard it as the flower of love.

5. Lavender

Irish brides traditionally carried this aromatic herb as a symbol of devotion. Plus, the scent is thought to soothe anxiety and promote serenity according to aromatherapy.

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