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草月テキスト–A Japanese Flower Arrangement to Make Your Home Like an Art Meseum

草月テキストis one of the Japanese flower arrangement schools which were founded in 1927 . The founder put forward the idea of flower arrangement should not be limited to form and needs free expression.

草月テキスト founder advocatesd the free use and production of flower tools, as well as the use of glass, iron wire and other different materials as auxiliary materials for flower arrangement. He also absorbed many western ideas of flower arrangement into his works.

草月テキスト works emphasize that they are made by flower arrangers and are only drawn from nature, but they are not equivalent to nature. In the works of flower arrangement, the author should express his feelings towards nature and his pursuit of beauty. This direction makes the kusakuyue stream full of infinite imagination. It is not limited to natural materials in material selection and Japanese aesthetics in creation. Kusakuyue stream has gradually evolved into a synonym for “art” and “inspiration”, and is also one of the important characteristics that distinguish it from other Japanese flower paths.

Here are some creative flower arrangement by 草月テキスト which gives you idea to DIY your home decor: